That We Care

A portion of each confirmed booking goes to one of the programmes below:


Camwomen is a social programme focusing on women and girls from disadvantaged backgrounds. This initiative has supported orphan girls from rural area and also hosted events to promote cultural cohesion and charity brunches for some of the not-for-profits organisations we work with. Since its official creation 3 years ago, the Camwomen’s international funding programme has provided school fees, food and clothing for children in Southern and Western Africa.

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Each One Teach One – Kliptown

Each One Teach One was established on the 18th of March 2014 as a Non-Profit Organization, with a vision to create a well-developed South Africa that is a better social cohesive society to fight illiteracy and poverty in the country. This vision is supported by the Youth-led team of office bearers who had built a good reputation in social enterprise for the past five years. Friends gathered to change the world started by changing their mind to actions daily.
This initiative does not have a website yet, but you can reach Jabulani, the contact person at this e-mail address: eachoneteachoneyouth@gmail.com

Uitkoms home for girls

UITKOMS is a registered child and youth care centre located in Observatory, Johannesburg. The centre offers non-disccriminatory residential care, protection, development plans and counselling to abused, abandoned or otherwise neglected teenage girls.

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And there is more…

Apart from donating to charities, our team and partners also focus on sustainability, through uplifting and educating the youth and protecting the environment. Indeed, we believe sustainable travel is the main solution to the negative environmental and social issues mass tourism is causing.

  • Kamaroutes graduate programme: Kamaroutes trains and ( depending on their performance after their internship) employs graduates. Because of the high unemployment rate and lack of opportunity in the country, it is difficult for final year students to find a structure to complete their training… which means they cannot graduate. We have put in place a programme which allows tourism students to complete their compulsory training within Kamaroutes. They get exposed to the activity of the tour operator and have enough experience to integrate the industry when they get their degree.

  • Quality, not quantity: Kamaroutes specialises in FIT tours and guided tours of 12 people or less and we strive by all means to reduce the impact our tours have on the environment. For instance, over the past 16 months, we have drastically reduced our guests plastic consumption during their stay, by providing reusable water bottles instead of single-use ones. We also prioritise small structures, family-owned accommodation where our guests can connect with locals and if they wish, help to improve the living conditions of the communities.
  • Respect and protection: Since 2019, Kamaroutes decided to no longer advertise or propose any tour including any “unacceptable” or unethical wildlife activities like performing animals, tactile interactions with infant animals, walking with predators or riding large mammals. In addition, we partner with lodges and game reserves with high conservation ethics. You can find some of the establishments we work with HERE

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We are aware you might have more questions  regarding these initiatives. We invite you to send an e-mail to info@kamaroutes.com to request more information