For The Adventurous Travellers

Camping is a perfect option for customers on a smaller budget, or simply those who want to be closer to nature and take longer trips. We offer 2 options: one with fully equipped 4×4 with tents or caravans with kitchen, toilets and integrated beds. Our past clients explored South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and even Lesotho camping-style. Ask us for a quote or discover the itineraries created with them for their camping trips.


Not afraid to get out of the beaten tracks? Here are some reasons why you should opt for Kamaroutes camping trips:

  • Accessibility:camping offers a more accessible option for most people to get outdoors and connect with nature.
  • Convenience: Our vehicles are equipped with amenities such as gas stove and fridge, chairs and more…
  • Affordability: Save money, you won’t be reliant on costly hotels.
  • Safety: the tents are directly connected to your 4×4 and the mobilome to your vehicle
  • Performance: Camping car offer better car performance for off-road driving than other vehicle

  • Discovery: This travel style offers you a sense of safety and confidence to explore uncharted territory more comfortably.

  • Comfort: High driving position in caravans allows you better visibility over traffic, while 4×4 vehicles offer better traction while climbing up a hill or driving on off-road conditions.
Need a little bit more convincing to make a final decision? Just like you, this traveller trusted Kamaroutes with his camping trip across Southern Africa and was highly satisfied with his journey.

Take a look at Serge’s trip through South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Swaziland here!