Your Trip In Your Terms And Pace

For travellers who need flexibility, want a tailor-made programme while retaining some freedom of movement, we offer itineraries with rental cars with GPS, domestic flights included and activities according to the client’s interests. The circuits that we offer below have all been tested and validated by our customers. You can therefore choose to take the route as proposed or let us customise it according to your tastes and budget. It is also possible to get in touch with one or more customers who have completed this route or a similar experience.


Need a little bit more convincing to make a final decision? Here is why you should let us create a self drive itinerary for your next trip:

  • Affordability: It is the most cost-effective manner to explore. Having your own vehicle enables you to take along as much baggage and gear as you want without paying extra charges.
  • Flexibility: Kamaroutes self-drive tours allow you to travel off the beaten track and discover the hidden gems some organized group tours sometimes miss or can’t access.
  • Freedom: Self drive tours give you an independence that you can’t get from any other form of  travel. You can decide where to go next, who you travel with, rather than end up on a packed bus full of strangers.
  • Comfort: Ideal if you are not a “people-person”. You have greater privacy throughout the whole trip.
  • Adventure: You can be your own guide! If you are looking forward to taking a route less trodden, you can do that and enjoy the serene views and the majestic beauty.
  • Options: You can choose the type of vehicle you want for your holiday with the type of activities you have in mind. It is also possible to change vehicles depending on the destinations you are planning to discover.
Need a little bit more convincing to make a final decision?  Just like you, These travellers trusted Kamaroutes with their self drive trip across Southern Africa and were highly satisfied with their journey.

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