Embracing Sustainability with Travelife Engagement

Kamaroutes Travel Designers is pleased to announce that we have engaged with Travelife for Tour Operators. Travelife is an internationally recognized training, management, and certification program for sustainability in tourism. Travelife has a three-stage approach:
(1) Travelife Engaged
(2) Travelife Partner
(3) Travelife Certified

We are at Stage 1 – Travelife Engaged. We are working to move forward to Stage 2 – Travelife Partner.

To reach the Travelife Partner, we must meet over 100 sustainability criteria that can be grouped into five key areas: office operations, product development, working with suppliers, customer relations, and destinations. Through regular training, awareness raising among our staff and suppliers, and by implementing sustainability policies and practices, we finally aim to achieve the Travelife Certified stage, the third and highest level by end of 2024.

What does it mean to you?

Traveling ethically and sustainably through Africa is our passion. We are actively pursuing the Travelife certification, a globally recognised symbol of responsible tourism, to demonstrate this commitment. But our vision extends beyond this. We aim to inspire and empower other companies to join us on this journey toward sustainability. When you choose us, you will experience not only exceptional service, but also the satisfaction of knowing your trip directly supports local communities and actively protects Africa’s breathtaking landscapes and wildlife. Join us in exploring Africa responsibly!