Your Carbon Footprint

Curious about the environmental impact of your next adventure? By calculating your travel footprint, you can understand how your trip contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. This easy-to-use tool considers factors like transportation type, distance traveled, and accommodation choices. Once you see your footprint, we’ll equip you with tips to make your travels more sustainable, from choosing eco-friendly transportation to supporting local communities. Let’s explore the world together, while leaving a lighter footprint on it!


Frequently Asked Questions

Please note the following answers are general rules for most countries in Southern Africa. If you need more details or have other questions, kindly send us an email with you enquiry here:

Our lifestyle choices have an impact on the climate. This is usually described as our carbon footprint and is measured in tonnes of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent, or CO₂ released into the atmosphere. From how we travel, to how we use energy, our shopping habits and even the food we eat, every choice matters. The smaller our carbon footprint, the better our impact on the planet.

– We have gone paperless: we phased out paper filing and implemented digital client’s roadbooks.
– We provide reusable glass bottles on our guided tours instead of disposable plastic bottles.
– We promote tours that support local conservation efforts, traditional crafts, and cultural preservation.
– We do not promote activities or excursions with captive wildlife.
– We give priority to eco-certified hotels, lodges, and transportation companies with strong environmental practices.
– We equip travelers with resources on packing light, responsible waste management, and minimizing energy use in hotels.
– We partner with conservation organizations.
– We employ local guides, drivers etc for all our tours and ensure they are compensated fairly for their services.
– We prioritize locally-owned businesses and experiences that directly benefit residents’ livelihoods.
– We encourage our staff to take an active interest in responsible tourism.
– We have integrated a carbon footprint calculator on our website to help travelers understand their impact.