For Travellers Looking For Comfort And Safety

We offer small group tours, with English and French speaking guides. Translators can be arranged to accommodate clients who speak other languages. Our departures are confirmed with a minimum of 2 participants and we are also happy to announce that our group rates have been frozen till end of 2021. Unlike most agencies, we do not charge a supplement for solo travelers, who can join each of our groups according to their interests. Regarding the Covid19 crisis, our team has also taken a few additional measures to ensure our travellers have a stress-free experience during their next guided trips. You can read about it here.


Our Small Group Itineraries


Your mind is made up, you chose the country you are going to visit but there are so many ways you can it. Why should you join a group?

  • Safety: The local guide can speak the language, has a better understanding of how local systems operate and is less likely to be cheated. He will ensure that you are not conned by shopkeepers, and taxi drivers, and act as a deterrent to people who might otherwise hassle you, such as beggars and street vendors.
  • Cost effective: You will get local knowledge from the tour guides and save money on maps, expensive paper guides and obsolete applications.
  • Peace of mind: You get time to relax and not worry about planning and cost.

  • People: Share first time experiences with other people and meet like-minded travellers from different backgrounds
  • Experience: Travel with experienced people that will always give insight about best activities and restaurants to eat.
  • The fun factor: in general, it is more fun to travel in a group  and you are sure to always have someone to take pictures and capture all the best moments.
Need a little bit more information to make a final decision? Choose the itinerary that will suit your budget and interests and drop us a line with your questions and requirements. Your designer will be in touch within 24 hours, but in the meantime remember: all costs are included! All you have to do is book your plane ticket, pack your bag and join your group.

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